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What is a funeral director and why do people search for the phrase “funeral director near me” on the search engines? A funeral director, who is also sometimes referred to as a mortician or undertaker, oversees a funeral home, plans the specifics of a funeral, and shows the bereaved's loved ones the much-needed sympathy and compassion that they usually need during the trying times.

Funeral directors are increasingly working with clients who want to pre-plan their own funerals to meet their needs. More and more people are going this route. It is one great way of ensuring that those people left behind will not feel the burden of overseeing the funeral.

If a person passes away in one place but is to be buried or cremated elsewhere, many funeral directors also assist in body preparation and shipping.

What is the role of a funeral director?

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The majority of funeral directors plan the logistics and arrangements of funerals. Funeral directors work with the family to decide on the places, occasions, and times for wakes, funerals, and burials.

They also take care of other details, such as choosing whether to bury, entomb, or cremate the deceased. Because funeral customs differ between nations and religions, this choice is crucial. People are often encouraged to be very careful when choosing one.

A funeral director comforts a member of the deceased's family. This is perhaps one of the many aspects of funeral directing that is foreign to a lot of people. Funeral directors must be able to help family members with the preparation of obituary notices and the coordination of clergy and pallbearers, although some elements may be handled by family members or others.

They might prepare and decorate the funeral home or other locations, make floral arrangements, and set up transportation for the departed as well as the mourners. The majority of funeral directors take care of all the necessary documentation, including submitting documents to the appropriate state authorities to obtain a proper death certificate.

On behalf of the family, some assist in resolving insurance disputes or applying for veterans' funeral benefits. They might also send a death notification to the relevant federal insurance agencies.

Usually, a funeral director will perform the following tasks:

  • Arrange for the deceased's transportation.
  • Clean up the leftovers (body)
  • Submit the required documents and papers.
  • Obtain advice from the deceased's family
  • Aid in funeral planning
  • Educate junior employees
  • Talk about and organise funerals with folks who want to pre-plan their own service.

Tips to Consider when Choosing a Funeral Director

First of all, use the phrase “funeral director near me” to find a service provider near you. Given that the majority of us have little to no experience planning funerals, selecting a funeral director may be a challenging and emotional procedure. A lot of people often tend to overlook the significance of the whole process and simply search for “funeral director near me” online.

Knowing what to search for in a funeral director might be useful as you navigate these uncharted waters. Make sure the funeral home you select is the best fit for your family by using the list below as a guide.

1. Choose a funeral director carefully

You're under no obligation to choose a funeral director straight away. Take some time to research prices, quotes, as well as reviews prior to settling on a shortlist of around two to five. With The Funeral market, our direct cremation includes all fees, 24-hour collection, complete care from start to finish, your own funeral planner, funeral director service and choice of payment options.

2. Compare costs

Verify the contents of each quote, including what is left out. Without committing, you can quickly compare funeral director costs based on the services you require. Simply search for “funeral director near me” on search engines like Google or Bing, and a list of funeral directors will be displayed. Do not just pick any website that is displayed. Ask for a pricing breakdown if the funeral director you're thinking about hiring hasn't posted their prices online and find out if it includes any additional third-party expenses.

The cost of a direct cremation at The Funeral Market is £895 and includes the collection of your dead loved one, the cremation and the delivery of ashes to the family.

3. Verify the location and enquire about home visits

Finding a funeral home close to your home that is convenient to get to is usually a good option because you might need to go there several times to finalise the preparations. So, if you search for the phrase “funeral director near me” on the internet, you should find funeral directors typically cover a radius of 10 to 15 miles, after which they may add additional fees to cover travel expenses.

The Funeral market is a national funeral director serving families locally across England, Scotland and Wales, so we would always have a local funeral director who would be there to help you.

4. Search for suggested funeral directors using recent reviews

You can find the best funeral homes through recommendations from friends and family members, however many independent funeral directors are acquired by national chains and continued under the same name with changing management.

You may check to see if the level of service is the same by reading recent online reviews. Do a little research. Look for their reviews on 3rd party review sites like Feefo or Trustpilot.

The Funeral Market have been awarded the Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award in 2022. We are committed to providing the best prices and continue to be the leading trusted service provider in the UK.

5. Make certain they provide the services you require

Can the funeral home arrange the kind of funeral you want? Some funeral homes specialise in traditional funeral practices, green natural burials, and alternative modern options. Certain on-site facilities are required for embalming and viewings.

Ask the funeral home you are considering whether there are any particular requirements or personal preferences you'd like them to meet. Speak to our experts today on 0800 689 1060.

6. Examine the qualifications

The Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF) and the National Association of Funeral Directors are two organisations that offer training and certifications for funeral directors (NAFD).

Members of these associations must comply with their codes of conduct. Having said that, you don't need formal training to be a great funeral director; some of the best ones work without any training at all.

The Funeral Market is a trading name of Plan with Grace Limited registered in England No. 09777885. Plan with Grace Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, reference number: 961832

7. Select A Funeral Director That Makes You Feel Comfortable

The most crucial factor to consider when picking a funeral director is this. You should be comfortable with your funeral director, knowing you will not get any surprises. A good funeral director will respect your preferences and won't "up-sell" or pressure you into making a particular decision.

8. Choose A Funeral Director That Cares

The funeral director you connect with the most will likely be the greatest choice for your funeral even if they are not always the least expensive. Being supported by a funeral director who is genuinely sympathetic, professional, and compassionate will have a profound impact on both your funeral day and the feelings and emotions of those you care about.

The Funeral Market also offers cremation only which is also known cremation without a service.


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