What is the cheapest funeral plan?

With the range and variety of funeral plans on offer today, it can be a challenge in finding what is the right funeral plan for you.

When a person considers what is the cheapest funeral plan it is important for them to firstly understand what they would like and what it is that they require from a funeral plan.

As there is a range of different funeral plans in what they have to offer, what is the cheapest funeral plan can be broken down into different categories but the notes and terms and conditions should be carefully factored.

The funeral industry has a number of regulated funeral providers that offer people a lower cost option with a simplistic funeral so that people who would prefer to spend money on other things can.

All the funeral providers in the UK market, when considering what is the cheapest funeral plan can advise on how to keep costs low for people and can include a number of factors.

Cremation is a cheaper option that a burial when deciding how to lay a person to rest as burial costs and graveside plots are increasingly more expensive in the UK.

A step on from a cremation funeral service might be a direct cremation, which is also known as an unattended cremation or direct funeral, and opting for a direction cremation reduces the price of a funeral and is the answer to the question ‘What is the cheapest funeral plan?’

In short, a direct cremation is when a person who has died is taken straight to a crematorium without a funeral ceremony taking place.  No one is in attendance at a direct cremation and many people might choose holding a memorial service or celebration of life at a later date. 

Opting out of being embalmed and having a simple or basic coffin is normally chosen by a person choosing a direct cremation to save on costs compared to what might be referred to as a traditional funeral and justifies it being a consideration when asked ‘what is the cheapest funeral plan?’

These options will reduce the price of the funeral and  is considered as the option when asking what is the cheapest funeral plan.   

Often, in the case of a direct cremation, the funeral plan cost will include the cremation fee, doctor’s fees (if applicable) and the transportation of the deceased person to the crematorium.

The cost that is incurred through having a funeral ceremony inflates the price of a funeral plan and is the reason for many people choosing to explore what is the cheapest funeral plan before they embark on choosing their final arrangements.

If a direct cremation, or any other type of funeral, is not a person’s preference there are other ways of bringing the costs of a funeral down.

There are particular and specialist services within any funeral plan offered that can be excluded from a funeral plan in order to bring costs down.

For example, if a person opts out of certain products available to them, they can bring the cost of the funeral plan down.  This might include: not wishing to be embalmed and buying the casket or urn online as well as not taking up on the additional services that are offered like having a hearse, a limousine, having the deceased person’s ashes delivered to a family member after cremation, and so on.

Being able to compare prices between funeral directors and shop around for the best funeral plan for them will allow a person to carry out adequate research in order to find what is the cheapest funeral plan. 

There is an increasing number of people in the UK who consider ‘What is the cheapest funeral plan?’ as a main factor when choosing a funeral plan now because they would prefer to eliminate the unnecessary financial burden of what death care can present and use their money elsewhere, or leave it to a close relative or friend as an alternative.

Whilst a person may be researching ‘what is the cheapest funeral plan’ it is worth noting that even the cheapest funeral options that provide an ‘essentials only’ funeral plan should not compromise on quality of service that is provided to a person. 

Each and every funeral director in the UK should be able to offer a high quality service to any person who is looking to invest in a funeral plan and the cost of the funeral plan a person chooses, regardless of whether they have chosen to look at what is the cheapest funeral plan, and this should allow people in a variety of different financial situations with different financial budgets to be able to choose an appropriate and suitable funeral plan for them.

An important factor for all people to consider when they ask ‘What is the cheapest funeral plan?’ is to consider comparing all the options of the funeral plans available to them.

Funeral Plan Market works with a national network of funeral directors to provide a local service at a discounted price.  People can brose through the different package on offer, for both cremation and burial funerals and can work out very easily what is the cheapest funeral plan.

The next article will be published next week, and the title will be Is a prepaid funeral a good idea?