Simple Cremation

One of the low-cost types of funerals is a simple cremation. The body is taken care of by the funeral director and transported to the Crematorium. A celebrant may conduct the service at a simple cremation. To keep prices down, hearses, limos, and pallbearers are not included.

What Is Included In A Simple Cremation?

Planning a simple cremation is identical to planning a typical funeral. The legal paperwork is all still the same. Both the death and the cremation paperwork must be registered. On your behalf, we will pay the cremation fees and any applicable doctor expenses.

We will pick up your loved one from their final resting place (a hospital, nursing home, etc.) and bring them into our care once you have given us the go-ahead to act on your behalf. When it is most convenient for you, we will coordinate with the crematorium to schedule the service.

simple cremation

Funeral Service for Simple Cremation

At The Funeral Market, all of the services we provide include the collection of the deceased, doctors’ fees and the cost of the cremation. Our simple cremation service comes at no cost. Depending on your situation, our funeral planner will arrange to speak with you to discuss your needs and preferences. Alternatively, send all your requirements and preferences to us via email. This is usually the case when people who have experienced a loss are not in the right frame of mind to be speaking to people.

The Funeral Market have a support team who will answer all your question 24 hours a day and operate every single day of the week.

On The Funeral Day

We will take your loved one to the crematorium and into the chapel on the day of the funeral. The coffin is moved on wheels; if the family prefers, they may carry the coffin themselves. Before relatives and friends come, we try to arrive early so that your loved one can be laid to rest in the chapel.

Just before the service starts, the immediate family will be welcomed inside the chapel to make sure everything is as you expect. Some people enjoy doing this, while others would rather not. The service will start after attendees are led inside the chapel.

What Advantages Do Cremations Offer?

In recent years, cremations have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional funerals. The numerous advantages provided that other funeral solutions can’t match or are to blame for this increase in popularity.

Here are some benefits of cremation in case you’re thinking about it for yourself or a loved one.

1. Environmentally responsible

Traditional funerals are not as environmentally beneficial as cremations. Most funerals embalm the deceased using dangerous chemicals that leach into the ground and pollute the local environment. Additionally, it costs more to produce coffins and tombstones.

2. Significantly less expensive and more effective.

Additionally, a simple cremation is a lot less expensive than a traditional funeral. It doesn’t even include a grave or a headstone.

3. Greater Versatility with Ashes

The versatility of what to do with the ashes is another benefit of cremation. A traditional burial involves placing the body in a casket and burying it in a specific cemetery plot. Once someone is buried, they cannot be moved; hence, their loved ones will always need to go to the cemetery to visit their grave.

With cremation, the ashes can be retained in a more practical location and kept in an urn or another container. The cremated remains can be kept at home, interred in a family plot, shared among family members, or even dispersed in a significant place.

These are just a handful of the numerous benefits that cremation provides. Make sure to talk to your assigned funeral planner from The Funeral Market about this choice if you’re thinking about it for yourself or a loved one to learn more.

The Distinction Between a Direct Cremation and a Simple Cremation

In comparison to a direct cremation, which would not include a funeral service, our notion of a simple cremation would be slightly different. A basic traditional funeral ceremony might be part of a simple cremation, and thanks to our bespoke approach, the service could be streamlined or tailored to suit any particular need or preferences.

A straightforward cremation service could be a suitable option, whether you are thinking about your personal preferences or are aware that your loved one would not enjoy the formality and ceremony that come with a fully conventional funeral.

How much does a simple cremation cost?

A simplified cremation cost, which can be less expensive than other funeral options, might also play a role in the decision. A direct cremation can cut cremation prices by up to 50%, including crematorium and doctor fees.

You could add more features to a direct cremation package with a simple cremation and incorporate particulars that have special value to you. This aspect appeals to many individuals due to the basic cremation’s typical cost being considerably lower than a full traditional cremation or burial.

Direct cremation is also known as unattended cremation or cremation without a service.