Cremation Without Service

A cremation without a service is also known as a direct cremation. It is commonly referred to as a bare cremation, an unattended cremation without a traditional funeral service in addition to it. There is no need for an officiant to be involved in the simple, less expensive cremation.

Without a viewing, the service enables families to design a unique memorial service or celebration of life after the cremation.

With no compromise on the level of service and care, The Funeral Market direct cremation service includes communication with a skilled funeral planner, a private, respectable cremation, the return of the cremated remains, and the necessary paperwork.

What Advantages Does Cremation Without A Service Offer?

A cremation without a service has the additional benefit of allowing you the freedom and flexibility to think carefully about how to say goodbye to your loved one, in addition to being an affordable funeral alternative.

Most funeral homes follow a set schedule, which is advantageous for certain families. Others, though, might feel that the procedure is hurried. A funeral parlour can only keep a deceased person for so long before having to cremate them, especially without embalming.

As there is no need to arrange a funeral or memorial ceremony within a few days, at a time when families and friends are typically faced with enormous sadness, a simple cremation allows flexibility.

Without the pressure or limitations of a funeral home’s schedule, you can take your time to design a more intimate memorial service after your loved one has been cremated.

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How may a direct cremation be arranged?

With The Funeral Market, you may set up a cremation without a service quickly and easily online or over the phone. There is even the option of pre-paying if this sounds like something you might desire for yourself when the time comes.

Your family and friends won’t have to deal with that stress afterwards. Cremations that are pre-paid are becoming more and more popular, in large part because you can lock in the cost of the service at today’s rates, regardless of when it is actually needed.

You can relax knowing that the expense of the cremation is totally covered, relieving your family of any financial stress or obligation to plan an expensive and elaborate funeral ceremony.

How do I organise a memorial service later?

After a cremation without a service, there are countless alternatives available for designing a memorial. Our comprehensive guide to funeral planning walks you through the procedure and provides some suggestions.

With the money they have saved, family and friends will have the freedom and resources to say goodbye to a loved one in a way that really honours their special life. It may be a supper at their preferred restaurant or a barbecue in the garden.

Instead, consider organising a meeting at your loved one’s preferred outdoor location, such as their favourite park, beach, or hiking trail. An ashes-spreading ritual could also be included in the monument.

There have been occurrences of gatherings of families for sunset ashes-spreading rituals in scenic locations like the mountains, the sea, or near a lake. Even Viking send-offs have been heard of! Bizarrely, some have even considered dispersing hot air balloon ashes as an option.

In this article, we’ve also provided some fundamentals you might want to know of before arranging a memorial service for a loved one.

What is the price of a cremation without a service?

The cost of a cremation without a service is often half that of a traditional funeral. The Funeral Market offers the most basic a cremation without a service; this price is all-inclusive and covers the cremation costs as well as expenses.

Funeral homes typically provide extensive service packages that include more than just cremation for a reasonable fee. The standard cremation service packages may include the following in addition to the attended funeral service:

  • the choice of a visitation before the service or an open or closed coffin before the cremation; embalming and dressing the body;
  • a customary memorial or funeral ceremony, typically held in a chapel or church; and
  • A casket, flowers, a hearse, catering, a newspaper obituary, a decorated urn, and other extras are available as additional services.

On the other hand, a cremation without a service provides a simpler and more affordable replacement for traditional funerals. Generally speaking, depending on the provider, the cremation service offers the following fundamentals:

  • The return of cremated remains to the family or next of kin;
  • private cremation;
  • death certificates,
  • death registrations and other legal documentation.

The Funeral Market are independent, accredited provider of funeral arrangements. Our experienced team of experts will carry out the process of a cremation without a service so that the family can have the time needed to plan a fitting memorial for their loved one.

So, if you would like to know more about cheap funerals from The Funeral Market, do no hesitate to contact our team of experts on 0800 689 1060.