Funeral Directors

If you decide to use a funeral director, it would be helpful to choose a company you feel comfortable with. It’s also important to think about the cost of the funeral, and make sure you can afford for services provided.

What is the role of funeral Directors?

It can be a little simpler to choose any funeral director, but though you may find some more convenient, they may be too expensive or do not provide the services you require. Make sure of the following:

  • Your instructions to the funeral director ensures that you receive the funeral that you and your family desire (within the limits of the law and what you can afford).
  • The majority of the arrangements are made by the funeral director, so you have time to mourn peacefully and not have to worry about any funeral arrangements
  • That they give you the option to pick the songs, music, hymns, or readings.
  • While you discuss your plans for the funeral, the funeral director arranges all the paperwork, transportation and the ceremony.
funeral directors

Searching for a funeral director

You could wish to find out if the deceased had a pre-paid funeral plan in place with a funeral plan provider as part of their financial plan.

You can also see if the deceased person left a Will because they might have specified how they wanted their burial to be handled in it.

Consider the following if you’re looking for a funeral director on your own:

  • Search for a funeral director with some track record.
  • Obtain referrals from friends or from your local authority.
  • Contact the Citizens Advice Bureau, Government website or the Bereavement Advice Centre for help and advice.

Questions to ask a funeral director

You may want to ask the funeral director the following questions:

  • What kind of services do you offer?
  • Can we select the services we want from your list and only pay for those?
  • What is included in your fees?
  • Are there any optional or substitutes for any of the items in your quote?
  • How soon do we pay the invoice?
  • Do we have to put down any money?
  • Do you feel confident making the decisions we’ve discussed?
  • Do your prices include the cost of a casket?
  • Do you offer a transportation service?
  • Can close friends or relatives help carry the casket?

Your Options

To evaluate costs and available options, get in touch with The Funeral market and speak to one of our expert advisors.

A funeral director should have options like, a direct cremation, attended cremations or burials. The package that The Funeral market offers include the following:

All fees paid 24-hour collection

Complete care from start to finish

Your own funeral planner

Funeral Director services

Choice of payment options

It is always advisable to request a written estimate. To assist you in deciding which services to select, you can also request a cost breakdown. At The Funeral Market, we display our prices on our website.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • You’ll need to see if the day you want is available because you might have a specific preference.
  • Verify that the funeral director is okay with you handling some of the funeral arrangements yourself. While some people may view certain duties as being a part of their duty, others may be more accommodating.
  • Don’t assume that doing anything yourself would save you money. You would be glad to know that at The Funeral Market, our attended cremation that provides a low cost alternative is 50.9% lower.
  • There are some funeral directors who will still offer specific services for a fee even if you make your own arrangements. For instance, they might handle the paperwork, provide a straightforward casket, or rent a hearse or other vehicle. The Funeral Market’s prices are inclusive of the coffin, transportation, dressing of the deceased and all associated fees.
  • A funeral planner at The Funeral Market will also help you find the right arrangements at the lowest price, saving up to 50%.

What to anticipate when the body is collected

The Funeral Market will collect the deceased. We will take care of the deceased prior to cremation. Dress the deceased in a coffin gown, supply a suitable coffin, select the crematorium, arrange for the collection and delivery of ashes back to the family of the deceased or spread the ashes in the garden of remembrance on behalf of the family. Typically, the funeral director will show up an hour after being phoned. If you need a little extra time to sit with the body, wait for family or friends to arrive, or just to gather yourself, you might ask the funeral director to arrive a little later.

Observing the person’s body being transferred or the preliminary work may distress some people. Given that some people might wish to leave the room, you might want to inquire with the funeral director about what will be required.

Funeral directors typically remove the body soon after being contacted. However, they usually are not required to. If you’re using a funeral director, and you would like to spend some time with your loved one after they have passed, talk to the about keeping the body at home for a few hours. Express your intentions to them as they can give you the appropriate advice.

What is the price?

A coffin, a funeral, the gathering and care of the deceased, and expert advice are frequently included in the average charge for a funeral director in the UK. Asking for a less complicated or expensive alternative shouldn’t make you feel bad, and you shouldn’t feel compelled to choose anything more expensive than you can afford.

A less expensive funeral does not honour the deceased or demonstrate how much you valued them. Many people plan funerals that they later find it difficult to afford.

Using a funeral director is optional.

If you don’t want to, you are under no need to engage with a funeral director. However, using a funeral director will ease the stress in those difficult times.

If you would like a standard or a simple funeral, The Funeral Market are here to assist you. From direct cremations to burial service, you name it, we can help.

simple cremation may also be an alternative so why not speak to us to find out more.